Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Windows

I had to have the windows in my studio replaced this fall.  They were rotting from the outside.  When they were removed we found termite damage in the outer wall under both windows, so that had to be replaced, too.  All said I was out of my studio for a little over a week.  Can you say withdrawal??  If I'm not in front of the computer, I'm usually in the studio.  Oh well, it gave me the little push I needed to finish making the curtains and get the blind hung on the east window.  I've had several people asking me for pictures, so here they are. 

This is my work area.  It's actually pretty neat and tidy right now.  I still haven't gotten everything moved back in.

This is the storage corner.  The shelving is build-in, but I've never painted it.  It's stuffed full as you can see.

This shows one of my big south windows.  I usually have a plant stand full of plants in front of it, but that still hasn't been moved back either.  I'd like to move the TV to the living room so I can have more storage space, but I can't find a stand that I like.

This is the other south window, and the closet.  Those paired windows let in a lot of light, so my studio feels so inviting.  They look out onto my rose garden.

This is a straight on shot of my main work area.  It's under an east facing window, so I wanted a blind under the curtain to filter some of the bright light while I work.  Notice the lack of piles on the floor and around!

So, that's where I work!  I'd love to paint the paneling someday (the ceiling, too).  It has a laminate floor that I loooooooove!  It's so smooth and easy to take care of.

I woke up this morning at a ridiculous hour and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and did a little work in Photoshop.  I had been meaning to make a watermark for my pictures. I have a friend who has been after me to put some of my stuff on Pinterest.  I haven't done so because I wanted to be able to label my work and photos as mine.  As you can tell from these photos, I got it done this morning.  I hope it's not too distracting.

I need to get back in the studio and work on my Christmas ornaments for the swap I signed up for, so I'll have more to say later.

Have a lovely day!